Size Guide

Women usually fall into a small or medium.

Small: ladies with a more narrow/slim to average length face (height of mask: 12.5cm +- chin to nose bridge)

Medium: average to longer face for ladies, can also fit men with a smaller face (height of mask: 13cm +- chin to nose bridge)


Men usually fall into a large or x-large

Large: fits the majority of men (height of mask: 15cm +- chin to nose bridge)

X-Large: would suit men of larger build/ longer faces (height of mask: 16cm +- chin to nose bridge)



Kids size: Height of mask: 11.5cm +- chin to nose bridge)


*The over-the-ear elastics are 100% adjustable if the mask is too loose or tight. 

Please slip the knot out of the side seams: un-tie and re-tie to fit to your face when using for the first time.